Specialty tools for tomorrow’s technology

The global electronic equipment product market is valued at well over $2 trillion per year. From smart phones and tablets to video game consoles and e-readers, electronics products are part of daily life – both in the home and the office.

Most, if not all, major electronics brands turn to outside companies not only to support the design, testing and manufacturing, but also the repair of their innovations. Productivity is critical because it enables the manufacturer to control costs and keep electronics affordable for the consumer. And that’s where specialty tools from ATG make a difference.

The manufacturing processes for electronics products are fundamentally different from those of other machinery and equipment. Specialized tools are required when integrated circuits and miniaturization technologies come into play. Devices are smaller than ever before, which presents unique challenges for the technicians working on circuit boards. They may need to manipulate a part the size of a grain of pepper.

ATG serves this industry with products from Weller®, including soldering, desoldering and fume extraction tools used for circuit board assembly and rework.