Vehicle Service

Tools that drive productivity and profitability

ATG offers a wide array of professional hand and power tool brands to the $85 billion global vehicle service industry. In this market that relies largely on manual labor, we know that time is money. It’s all about speed and access.

Our productivity-driven tools, from brands like GEARWRENCH® and SATA®, enable an automotive technician to get the job done faster, which translates into greater profitability.

From service stations and independent garages to car and light truck dealers and specialty shops, ATG offers the tools needed for most automotive repair jobs and aftermarket upgrades. Our hand tool selection includes ratchets, sockets, wrenches, torque measurement, specialty tools,  and more. Among the repair bay equipment we supply are hydraulic lifts, pneumatics and wheel balancers.

Automotive technicians take tremendous pride in their work. The tools they select are an extension of who they are as professionals. At ATG, we work hard to make sure our tool brands are up to the task.

The movement to make cars more fuel efficient is stronger than ever with the introduction of an increasing number of hybrid and electric vehicles (also known as EVs). As designs evolve, they generally become more complex and mechanics are frequently tasked with working in tighter spaces. Automotive technicians often have to remove parts to gain access to small spaces while working under the hood. Our tools are specifically designed with these unique environments in mind.