Equal parts strength and smarts

ATG has a track record of providing tools to the global aerospace market that dates back to the 1940s. Many ATG innovations from Cleco® are built specifically with the stringent standards of the aerospace technician in mind. They improve productivity, and ensure strength and precision – attributes critical to the assembly process, where quality control technicians spend a great deal of their time on inspection.

For example, Cleco’s advanced drilling units achieve accurate drilling through metals, composites, and thick material stacks. Both our power-feed drilling machines and hand drills create quality holes, while maintaining surface integrity, limiting burrs, and offering the capability to remove chips and carbon fiber dust from the process.

We configure tools for specific application needs. Our modular sub-assemblies combine into advanced drilling units optimized for precision one-shot and one-up portable automatic drilling. Count on Cleco drills and tightening tools to provide consistency, reliability and durability for your process.