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A brand like Weller® with nearly 70 years of experience is charged not only with preserving and strengthening its reputation, but also with an equally vital task: to meet the demands of the current marketplace day after day.

What the Pro's Say

"We buy the majority of our soldering tools from Weller. I owe this in large part to your application support." -- Andrej Antipov, Spring Electronics, Russia

“We consider Weller tools to be the best soldering tools available on the market, due to their high quality, robustness and innovative features. Weller quality has been confirmed by many of our industrial customers throughout the world. We appreciate Weller's splendid technical and customer support.” -- Stanislaw Zochowski, Labem (Weller distributor for 20+ years), Poland

Weller® listens to customer requests and our world class R&D center always finds solutions for technical challenges. Individual solutions is one of Weller®'s advantages.

In the soldering industry, the name Weller® carries a lot of weight. Carl Weller patented the first hand-soldering tool to heat and cool rapidly in 1941. Weller Manufacturing Company was founded in 1945 as a family partnership near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.  Over the years, manufacturers of many types of products – from televisions to washing machines – came to rely on Weller® for its quality and reliability. Today Weller® tools play a role in the manufacture of electronics innovations around the world.

  • Research & Design engineers use Weller® soldering tools to exchange components as they test products and prepare them for mass production
  • Technicians use Weller soldering tools for touch-up work at the end of the production line, such as cleaning up faults and joints
  • Technicians use Weller® soldering tools when a product comes off the line with a flaw and requires significant rework
  • Service professionals use Weller® soldering tools when a product comes back for under-warranty repair

In addition to soldering and desoldering technology, Weller® makes fume extraction systems, which enable clean, safe workplaces.