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June 18, 2024 | 3:53

I, inventor, understand that you are willing to consider suggestions made to you (Apex Tool Group, LLC.) by persons outside of your company and have established a uniform policy in regard thereto. In accordance with this policy, before considering my suggestion, you require the acceptance by me of the following specific conditions:

  1. Apex Tool Group is willing to consider any suggestion which may be made, but does so only at the request of the person who has made the suggestion.
  2. No obligation of any kind is assumed by, nor may be implied against Apex Tool Group, its subsidiary or associated or affiliated companies, unless or until a formal written contract has been entered into, and then the obligation shall be only such as is expressed in the formal written contract. Your submission of the suggestion for purposes of determining interest by our company does not imply or create a confidential relationship, a promise to pay or a recognition of either novelty or originality.
  3. I do not hereby give Apex Tool Group, its subsidiary or associated or affiliated companies any rights under the patents I now have or may later obtain covering my suggestion but I do hereby, in consideration of the examination of my suggestion, release it and them from any liability in connection with my suggestion or liability because of use of any portion thereof, except such liability as may arise under valid patents now or hereafter issued or any formal written contract which may hereinafter be entered into by Apex Tool Group and me.

By entering my information below, I am agreeable to these conditions and based thereon request that you consider my suggestion.

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