Which tool brands are made by ATG?

Our portfolio of innovative, trusted tool brands includes many category leaders, such as SATA®, GEARWRENCH®, Crescent®, Weller®, Cleco® and APEX®. For a complete list, please visit the Brands section of the site. ATG also makes select, premier private label mechanics hand tools.

Do you accept ideas from outside inventors?

Yes, we sometimes incorporate ideas from outside inventors in our product lines. Please visit Inventor Connect to learn more about the process and submit your idea.

Where can I buy ATG products?

We work collaboratively with distributors and retailers across the globe to make sure end users have the tools they need. Please visit our Brands page to find the website of the brand you’re interested in.  There you will find "where to buy" information about our tools.  

Where can I submit a request for a charitable contribution?

ATG makes charitable contribution decisions on the local level. Visit Contact Us where you’ll find a map of our locations and relevant telephone numbers and email addresses.

I am a noteholder, how do I get investor information?

Investor communications are made available to noteholders via a secure online data site. Any noteholders requiring access may contact the company at investors@apextoolgroup.com

How do I apply for credit with ATG?

If you’re B2B in the US or Canada, and interested in opening a credit account with us we offer an on-line application process - please click here and we will get back to you shortly with a decision.