Safety is a top priority for Apex Tool Group. We value our employees and want to provide a safe work environment for everyone at every level of the company. ATG has established a series of technical standards and a comprehensive metric program that accurately measures the company’s safety improvements, while identifying areas of concern for corrective action.  Our global correction action program identifies problems and presents solutions within 30 days. We are particularly proud of this program as it sets us apart from many companies our size, where it can take up to six months to integrate changes into their systems. In fact, ATG’s incident rate is well below the U.S. benchmarks for our industry. Several notable organizations have recognized ATG for its safety performance, programs and procedures.  

We also help our customers with safety initiatives, particularly the safe use of tools. If you have a tool safety committee for your organization or would like to form one, please contact us for more details. Our well-trained sales professionals can assist you in addressing any hand or power tool safety concern you may have.