November 10, 2019
APEX Industrial Fastening Bit Callout

APEX Industrial Fasteners Join Crescent Portfolio

November 10, 2019 - ATG’s Crescent® portfolio launched the latest member of its “Trusted by the Trades” family during STAFDA's annual convention:  our APEX® line of industrial fastening solutions.

Superior Durability

We spent countless hours with our in-house metallurgical team to enhance the heat treatment process ensuring our products meet and exceed user durability and life requirements. We take pride in our ability to provide user-focused fastening solutions in assembly manufacturing and we are confident this product line will do the same in construction applications.

APEX Industrial is the sixth supporting brand under the Crescent name, joining Crescent Wiss®, Crescent Lufkin®, Crescent Nicholson®, Crescent H.K. Porter®, and Crescent JOBOX®.  

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