Apex Tool Group has a track record of providing tools to the global aerospace market that dates back to the 1940s. Many ATG innovations from brands like Cleco®, Quackenbush®, Recoules® and Dotco® are built specifically with the stringent standards of the aerospace technician in mind. They improve productivity and ensure strength and precision – attributes critical to the assembly process, where quality control technicians spend a great deal of their time on inspection.

For example, innovative material removal tools from Dotco® offer unprecedented ease of use and configuration capability during the aerospace production process. Recoules® and Quackenbush® advanced drilling equipment enables technicians at the world’s largest aerospace manufacturers to work 30 percent faster because they automatically adjust to the type of material being drilled.

Our hand tools are also built with aerospace specifications in mind. The Armstrong® brand markets a line of industry-compliant ratchets, sockets and wrenches. Military customers use these tools for aviation maintenance.