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Family Handyman Touts X-Beam’s Innovative Handle Design

Published by Reader's Digest and read by more than one million each month, Family Handyman is one of the most respected magazines in home improvement. Recently, the magazine's editorial team had an opportunity to test the GearWrench X-Beam. The story, which ran in the April 2007 issue, featured a number of photographs and stated, "The X-Beam may look odd, but bear down on it and you'll quickly feel its advantages." The X-Beam's innovative 90-degree twist was credited with making this wrench a comfortable fit - not to mention providing increased torque and leverage.

The Detroit News takes a Closer Look at the GearWrench Brand and Sees a Pattern

In "Tool firm turns on ease of use," reporter Larry Edsall took an in-depth look at the GearWrench brand and the tools that are making their way into garages, homes, and industrial shops. Edsall began by stating, "Whether you're working in the increasingly cramped quarters under the hood of your car or trying to turn a box full of wooden boards and metal bolts into a new piece of furniture for your home, you know that the right tools really do make a difference." The article also spoke to how GearWrench innovation comes from the company's unique ability to understand the needs, challenges and desires of those who actually use the tools. Based in "Motor City," The Detroit News is a daily newspaper with a circulation exceeding 200,000.

Electronic Torque Wrench Takes Center Stage in Popular Science’s “What’s New” Section

Introduced at the 2006 SEMA Show, GearWrench's Electronic Torque Wrench is receiving rave reviews from the media and industry. Popular Science, an award-winning general interest magazine with a subscriber base of nearly 1.5 million, featured the Electronic Torque Wrench in the February 2007 issue. The mention, titled "The Wrench That Says When", appeared in the magazine's highly popular "What's New" section, a regular column that highlights "tech that puts the future in the palm of your hand." The copy read, "You'll never strip a bolt if you heed this torque wrench's warning lights. The wrench measures force 2,500 times a second and signals you to ease off before overcranking." The Electronic Torque Wrench was also one of two runners-up in the "Best New Tools and Equipment" category of the 2006 New Product Showcase at SEMA.

An Automotive Authority Offers Rave Reviews for GearWrench’s Electronic Torque Wrench

True automotive ‘techies’ at Turbo & Hi-Tech Performance, a monthly magazine read by 30,000 high performance auto and truck enthusiasts, agreed that the GearWrench Electronic Torque Wrench is a must-have in the shop. The review stated, “Any mechanic can tell you that GearWrench has forever changed automotive repair,” and launched into a positive review of the new torque wrench. Specifically, the article mentioned how the product features both peak torque and break away torque measurements and an LCD display that has both SAE and metric readings.


From hammers and screwdrivers to pliers and files, GearWrench offers industrial professionals exceptional quality at a lower cost than other premium hand tool brands. GearWrench tools greatly improve productivity in industrial facilities with their superior strength and increased access. The brand’s innovative wrench and ratchet designs help technicians maneuver around obstructions and tight corners. GearWrench’s Electronic Torque Wrench (ETW) is unlike any other because it provides audible and visual cues when it reaches a target.


Aerospace technicians value GearWrench tools for their speed and strength as well as the enhanced access they facilitate. Designed with stringent aerospace standards in mind, GearWrench tools stand up to airplane maintenance crews’ toughest demands. In fact, professionals in the field report they can virtually disassemble any Boeing 700 series or Airbus A300 aircraft with a small selection of GearWrench tools. GearWrench is the trusted source for hand tools among aerospace customers who are looking to improve productivity and save valuable time on maintenance and repairs.

Tech Ed

GearWrench understands the challenges student technicians face and created several sets to help them at the early stages of their career. GearWrench offers the best value for student technicians working to master repair and service tasks in the automotive, heavy duty, diesel, machinery and aerospace fields. GearWrench’s customized technical education program (TEP) sets include tools that enhance efficiency and afford greater access in tight spaces.

Tool Trucks

As a Mobile Distributor you can rely on the dynamic, full range of innovative GearWrench tools to help attract and maintain customers for life.

Gearwrench tools’ speed, strength and access are in demand with your automotive, construction and industrial users. GearWrench can help you build your business by providing rapid and reliable support and all the information you need to make selling GearWrench easy and profitable.

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