Weller® Launches New Iron, Wins Award

May 6 2013

Weller® Launches New Iron, Wins Award

Weller®, a global brand of Apex Tool Group known for innovative soldering solutions, today announced the launch of its high performance consumer soldering irons for DIY and hobbyist applications.

Three on-board LEDs provide significant application lighting with minimum tip shadowing, setting these irons apart from others on the market. This means no more fumbling for a flashlight or other light sources for those soldering in a basement, garage or poorly lit area. Good solder connections are essential for long-term reliability and performance. Delivering a focused light beam to the work allows users to accurately solder and ensure a good connection.

The soldering irons’ round, soft grip, non-slip handle boasts greater comfort, helping to relax the hand during extended use. Once the tip position is determined, the hand naturally gravitates toward the triangular area that houses the LEDs, which aids stability.

Weller® developed the new irons in response to the resurgence in consumer hand soldering, a trend driven by the popularity of various DIY and hobbyist applications, including remote control vehicles, PC modification and Arduino.

"Today’s hobbyists need a product that delivers professional-grade performance for their sophisticated DIY projects at an affordable price,” said Dwayne Dupuis, senior product manager for Weller North America. “This new family of irons addresses the needs of many artists, crafters and designers who see soldering as an art requiring extreme focus, patience and precision. We’re pleased to now offer consumers high performance irons that provide superior ergonomics and allow for better positioning and maximum control."

Additional applications include everything from automotive repair and electronics to crafts as diverse as jewelry making and wood/leather burning and hobbies such as model building and metal joining railways.

Backed by a seven-year warranty, the product line includes light-, standard-, medium- and heavy-duty irons that meet the needs of any application. The high performance LED soldering irons are available in 15-, 25-, 40- and 80-watt models.

The new Weller consumer irons recently received a red dot award for product design, which is presented annually to products notable for their superior design quality. red dot is recognized as one of the toughest and most prestigious international design competitions.

Weller® is a brand recognized by professionals as the industry leader. Carl Weller introduced the original hand soldering iron in 1946 and today leading manufacturers of many types of products rely on Weller soldering and desoldering tools. In addition to soldering and desoldering technology, Weller® makes fume extraction systems, which enable clean, safe workplaces.

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