Stephen Otis
Director, Integration

Stephen is responsible for the integration of business processes, including product development, engineering and pricing, across all Apex Tool Group brands.

Stephen was Director of Product Marketing for Danaher Tool Group prior to the ATG joint venture. In other roles with Danaher, he was business development manager and held multiple positions in channel marketing. Prior to joining Danaher, he was a management consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers and subsequently IBM (through acquisition).

Stephen holds a Master of Business Administration degree concentrating in corporate strategy, strategic marketing and product development from Georgetown University, and a Bachelor's Degree in Decision Science and Information Systems from the University of Maryland.

A Recent Project Tackled With ATG Tools:

I changed the timing belt and water pump in my wife’s SUV using a number of our automotive technicians’ tools from GearWrench®, including an indexing pry bar, a ¾” drive socket set, and a serpentine belt tool. Getting the right angle to nudge the water pump off was a challenge. Our GearWrench® indexing pry bar really came through.