Vice President, Sourcing and Operations

Allison Moses
Vice President, Sourcing and Operations
What I do @ ATG
I oversee operations at our Gastonia and Apex manufacturing and distribution centers in North Carolina, as well as our distribution center in Canada. I am responsible for driving results using lean tools and best practices. The end goal is the manufacture and distribution of high-quality products that meet and often exceed customers' expectations.
Where I got my start
My first job was with Star Manufacturing where I oversaw the industrial engineering and quality control departments. I have always been fascinated with the processes of building things. My education is in industrial engineering, so the manufacturing and distribution processes are the part of my job that I find most interesting. That includes all aspects of making tools, packaging and shipping them to be sent off to customers through our distribution channels.
A day in my life
Every day I’m working to find additional solutions to problems. I spend my days working with the team, thinking of and implementing how to solve challenges in the most cost-effective and efficient way.  
What I would tell a prospective associate
Apex Tool Group offers many opportunities for associates who want to continue to improve professionally. We are hard workers who are accountable and responsible. Continuous improvement is a core corporate value. We all believe in making a difference and improving each and every day. If you want a job where your work has great impact, then this is the place for you.
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