Value Stream Leader

Shelly Henson
Value Stream Leader

What I do at ATG:
I manage a team of production associates in our finishing department, which covers heat treat, polishing and packing.  A big part of my role is focusing on the safety of our associates, as well as quality, delivery and cost – the metrics that drive our business success.  I try to be on the production floor as much as I can, but I also am in the office analyzing data, reviewing spreadsheets and updating budgets.

Where I got my start:
My first jobs were in poultry processing, and I took a break from work to start a family.  I was ready to work again in 1997, and took a temp job with an ATG sister plant nearby.  I really enjoyed manufacturing and joined full time on the specialty tools assembly line.  Soon I was running two departments, and wanted more education to further my career.  I was working full time and attending classes through the company’s tuition reimbursement program, and in 2007 I completed my associate’s degree.  During that time, I took on new supervisor roles in machining and assembly, and moved over to our Springdale facility.  In 2009, I finished my bachelor’s degree in organizational management and in 2012 I was promoted to my current role.

A day in my life:
I get in at 6 am for the first shift, and the plant has a management meeting every morning to talk about delivery issues, any equipment that’s down, plus review safety programs and quality metrics.  Every week I have a meeting with the 40+ associates in my department to talk about the business and our customers, and answer their questions.  If there are any issues that need to be passed along to the next shift, I make sure I tie in to my counterpart supervisor to make sure we’re on the same page and to keep our lines running smoothly.

What I would tell a prospective associate:
Safety is an absolute must here at Springdale, and any of our plants.  We want you go to home to your family the same way you arrived.  ATG’s Core Values emphasize taking care of our customers, and continuous improvement.  We involve our associates at all levels in delivering on those promises – everyone’s feedback is important and we never stop trying to improve. 

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