Product Manager

Jackson Wang
Product Manager

What I do @ ATG
I oversee the Dotco®, Cleco® and Master Power® brands of pneumatic tools. This includes managing the product lifecycle, profitability and new product introductions. I see myself as the conduit that connects all global functions involved in the supply and sales chain, which includes engineering, sourcing, operations, and sales. I have an engineering degree, technical experience, and a diverse business background therefore I can effectively influence the various functions involved with the design, manufacture, and distribution of three of our power tool brands.

Where I got my start
After graduating from Lehigh University with a degree in mechanical engineering, Ingersoll Rand selected me to participate in its engineering Leadership Development Program, which involved an assignment in their manufacturing facility in China. Being born there and speaking Mandarin fluently, this experience was invaluable in shaping my future. After returning to the United States, I became more involved in marketing and product management. After IR, I joined one of the largest suppliers of tools to the vehicle service sector as a technical product manager.  I traveled extensively and worked closely with manufacturers in Taiwan.  Before I joined ATG, I owned and operated a tool and equipment distribution business for the automotive aftermarket.

A day in my life
I like being hands-on with the products and brands that I manage and as a result, every day is very different.  Because of my diverse background in engineering, sales, sourcing, and marketing, I am involved with every step of a product’s lifecycle, from ideation to obsolescence.  I enjoy meeting with global suppliers and customers because it provides me with a greater understanding of how our products are built and used in everyday situations. Entering new markets, tackling the unique needs of our customers, and creating excitement around a product introduction are some of the favorite aspects of what I do.  

What I would tell a prospective associate
There is immense opportunity that exists within the company and potential for each associate to add value in their own way as long as they also understand how to win as a team. It’s a non-hierarchical work environment, which means every voice is heard and anyone can drive change. This is a good fit for those who can look at the big picture and understand how to drive results for the long-term.

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