Marketing Director

Breno Augusto Nogueira
Marketing Director
What I do @ ATG
I am responsible for all aspects of marketing for Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay and Bolivia. That includes pricing, trade marketing, marketing communications and product development for the ten hand tool brands we sell in those countries. Among our top sellers are Belzer®, SATA®, Nicholson® and K&F®.
Where I got my start
After receiving a bachelor's degree in economics, I joined Fiat Group´s global leadership program, which gave me an opportunity to live in Italy, the United States and Mexico. My responsibilities ranged from human resources to finance as a business unit controller. It was a great experience, but I always dreamed of pursuing a master of business administration degree in the United States and better understanding other aspects of business. I chose Duke University because of its focus on international management and teamwork. While studying there, I took a summer internship at Cooper Tools and was offered a full-time position, which I accepted as soon as I graduated in 2010. At that point, Cooper and Danaher Tool Group had just merged to become Apex Tool Group.
A day in my life
The level of autonomy I have is very high, which expedites the implementation of new ideas. I am empowered to judge whether a local solution is more appropriate than global programs that the company has to offer. For example, I recently saw an opportunity to develop a new sales rebate package that is unique to the Brazilian market. When I told the CEO about it, he said, "The only way we'll find out if it will work is to do it fast." It literally took me a couple of phone calls and a few days to make it happen. We've seen significant top-line growth as a result.
What I would tell a prospective associate?
ATG is a company that respects its associates and offers constant challenges. We are also a global company with a strong collaborative spirit that allows you to easily access colleagues outside your country to get their perspective on a project. There are no boundaries when it comes to what we can accomplish. This philosophy is what allows us to grow through innovation.
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