Lead Person - Second Shift

Cynthia Waymyers
Lead Person - Second Shift

What I do at ATG:
We have about two dozen Machinist and Machine Operators on second shift, and as a Lead Person I make sure they have everything they need to do their job and stay on schedule.  I do part inspections; run machines if someone is out that day, assist others with programming fixes, and manage the work flow for Lexington’s machining operations. Most of our work is on CNC machines, but we have manual machines, grinding and honing equipment, heat treat and deburring processes, too.

Where I got my start:
I took machinist courses at a technical school, and worked at a few machine shops.  But I had friends working here, who encouraged me to apply.  I was hired the same day I interviewed!  Over the years I have worked in many machining areas at Lexington.  I earned a degree in education and left for a few years to teach, but manufacturing was what I really enjoyed and came back.  I was promoted to a Lead Person role last year, and had the opportunity to take leadership courses to develop my managerial skills.

A day in my life:
On the second shift, I start at 3:30 and review that day’s scheduled jobs, anything that’s been tagged a rush, and check if anyone’s out that shift.  If we are shorthanded, I run the machine myself.  I work with operators to quality check our first and last pieces coming off the machines.  We run a lot of small quantity machining, so new cutting parts are always needed to change out the next job on the schedule.  I make sure first shift knows about our completed work and any issues they’ll need to handle so there are no surprises.

What I would tell a prospective associate:
ATG has a lot of good opportunities for women in manufacturing, just set your goals and keep learning.  In a job like mine, you need training in tooling and machining, and quality is of course a big focus here to produce good parts and hit our daily goal.  Every day, we want to put the best product out the door, and working efficiently helps us do that.  Apex Tool Group has a lot of talented people and you can learn a lot from them. The more you learn the more beneficial you are.

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