General Manager

Andreas Kowol
General Manager

What I do @ ATG
With oversight of our power tool plants throughout Europe, my team and I are responsible for sales, operations, supply chain management, finance, engineering, and human resources. Our facilities in Germany, Hungary and France manufacture tools for customers in the aerospace, motor vehicle and industrial sectors. The Apex Tool Group brands we produce include Cleco®, DGD®, Recoules® and Quackenbush®.

Where I got my start
My first job in manufacturing was at a paper company that made packaging for the food and beverage industry. From there, I went to work for a shoe company as a key account manager. In this position, I learned the importance of the connection between sales and manufacturing. I often traveled to our production plants in Poland to speed up the manufacturing process so my customers would receive their purchases on time. A decade later, after taking on roles in operations and information technology, I decided to make the leap to Cooper Tools (now ATG). I have a master of business administration degree.
A day in my life
We are a global team, not just locations in different countries. I often collaborate with my colleagues in other countries to create greater efficiencies. For example, we installed a new production machine in Germany and my counterparts in the United States decided they wanted to buy the same machine so we can share programming and capacity. Now we're able to maximize production in order to put top-quality innovations into the hands of our customers.
What I would tell a prospective associate?
When it comes to operations at ATG, we don’t believe in going on “auto pilot.” If you're willing to learn and stretch yourself every day, then this is the perfect environment for you. It's demanding, but it's also a lot of fun. You will be rewarded for your successes. We want people with entrepreneurial ideas and a willingness to reach higher than they thought they could.
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