Director, Human Resources

Cindy Sachse
Director, Human Resources
What I do @ ATG
As a Human Resources Director with ATG, I partner with the North America Hand Tool Commercial team and support more than 300 sales, marketing, and product development associates.  My primary focus is to align the organization and resources to support and drive strategic initiatives. I also provide support for corporate functions including information technology, legal, finance and human resources.  
In a fast-paced workplace, change is critical – and constant.  In my role, I help deploy and support that change. The most successful companies implement new ideas effectively by balancing discipline with the ability to be nimble. I see that balance in practice in ATG with our focus on policy deployment and continual improvement. 
Where I got my start
My first job was as a legal secretary with a law firm, where I learned the value of being thoughtful and thorough. My career path moved to human resources, where I found my calling. I learned that people are truly the differentiating factor in any successful organization.
Before joining ATG, I was the director of human relations for a leading, global consumer products company. Throughout my career, I’ve had several great mentors who really invested in my development, and I’m thankful for the wisdom and support they shared.  Much of what I learned from mentors is still applicable today, such as having the mindset that you interview for your next job every day and therefore it’s important to always be aware of your attitude and actions. Another important lesson learned was to go beyond what’s asked of you each and every day. 
A day in my life
Working in HR is varied and exciting. I’m fortunate to be working with a team of best-in-class HR professionals. We are in the process of defining many of our programs to empower our associates to achieve their full career potential. It’s exciting to be part of a growing company in the midst of developing its culture.
What I would tell a prospective associate?
There is a wealth of talent throughout ATG. Here, folks are willing to work together, lend a hand and welcome new associates warmly. Your co-workers are always the differentiator, and ATG has great, knowledgeable people!
If you are a creative, independent thinker who wants to be a valuable contributor at an industry-leading company, ATG may be the place for you!
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