CNC Machinist

Moe Shepherd
CNC Machinist

What I do at ATG:
As a CNC machinist, I keep critical parts and processes running smoothly.  I work four days on and three off.  Most of my job involves supporting the forging operations here at Springdale, where we forge mechanics hand tools.  But when parts wear out on a machine, or if we need new cutting dies or press and bolster plates, I make sure the manufacturing cells have what they need.  I’m in the tool and die shop at the plant, and there’s variety all the time in what I do.

Where I got my start:
I’ve been here nearly 24 years, mostly as a CNC Machinist but also in the finishing and forging departments.  I went to technical school for milling, electrical, machining and welding training, and spent time in the heating and cooling service business before coming to ATG.   All of those skills have helped me on the job.  I sometimes have to spot weld a part that needs repair, and my electrical training has been put to use many times.  Plus I’ve gained many new skills by being able to learn on the job here at Springdale.

A day in my life:
There is a weekly flow of scheduled CNC projects, but any day I might be asked to do a repair. That means I adjust my jobs to meet our production needs.  All the areas in the plant rely on me to keep our forging and production lines operating on time.  I like my job because it’s very self-directed, and I am always working with engineers and programmers to make our work flow more efficient.  There are lots of problem solving opportunities – one weekend a critical tooling part went down that was needed for a rush production order on Monday. I’m not a programmer but have been around it enough – I was able to re-calibrate the program, and got the line operating again.

What I would tell a prospective associate:

ATG has good pay and benefits, and the work environment requires you to ask questions and solve problems.  You can’t be shy as a CNC Machinist.  You need to share your experiences and opinions with the engineers and supervisors to make sure we are continually improving and finding the best answer.  Math skills are very important in my job, I am working with prints and dimensions and enjoy the challenges ATG gives me.  There isn’t a day that I’m not thinking and figuring out a better way.

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