What did you do prior to ATG and how did that prepare you for your current role?

My training was in finance, but I quickly moved into manufacturing and specifically into materials where I demonstrated a knack for problem-solving and an ability to improve delivery performance and inventory turns. From there I accepted a quality leadership role that offered me the opportunity to meet Dr. W. Edwards Deming, the American statistician who taught businesses to improve product design and manufacturing through the application of statistical methods. He was a tremendous leader and spoke directly to me about how to understand and control variation. This opened my eyes to so many things beyond quality and has served me well to this day. I then held general management positions in automotive, aerospace, power quality and sensor businesses before I landed in the tool industry. All these roles were international and the varied experiences prepared me well for everything I confront as the leader of ATG. And the best part is I never had to change employers: the division I started with at Honeywell was acquired by Pacific Scientific, which was later acquired by Danaher Corporation. Danaher and Cooper Industries merged their tool divisions to create ATG in 2010.