At Apex Tool Group, we strive to treat all of our business partners fairly and with respect, including customers, suppliers and employees. We invest significant resources in business ethics training for employees and continuously work to implement new programs that stress the importance of our standards. For example, we introduced a gift giving and receiving policy to ensure there is no improper influence on how we make business decisions. Our goal is to give employees clear guidance that allows them to use their best judgment in everything they do.

We also have a confidential process in place for our employees to share any concerns they may have about ethics with senior and executive management. It is our commitment to treat all ethics concerns as high priorities with the same level of response and investigation. This provides for timely employee feedback and quick resolution. It is in this manner that we will continually improve our company’s culture, provide the best work environment and be a preferred partner for our customers and suppliers.     



Apex Tool Group focuses on continuous improvement when it comes to sustainability. We regularly assess ways to preserve our natural resources and reduce our overall impact on the environment. For example, we monitor everything from electrical usage at our manufacturing facilities to CO2 emissions and track our progress on a monthly basis. We build sustainability into our production processes, with each location having a “green” project assignment each year. For example, in our Wiss® snips, we are able to recover trim material and recycle it directly into the product. This saves transportation of scrap and offsite recycling efforts. In another example, a continuous improvement workshop (Kaizen) spotted precious metals in our plating process that could be recovered and recycled. Not only does this help lower our costs to our customers, but it helps us reduce our impact on the environment. In addition to protecting the environment, our sustainability efforts include providing safe and healthy work environments for all of our employees.


Apex Tool Group works diligently to ensure compliance with the applicable laws and guidelines in all of the countries in which we do business. One of the most important ways we do this is to educate our diverse employee base about the importance of meeting our legal obligations around the globe. This information is provided annually to all employees through our education and awareness programs. As part of our corporate culture, we are always looking for new ways to improve. Many of our business systems and controls are externally audited on a yearly basis to ensure that we are not only continuously improving our internal systems, but also allowing for external input.


Safety is a top priority for Apex Tool Group. We value our employees and want to provide a safe work environment for everyone at every level of the company. ATG has established a series of technical standards and a comprehensive metric program that accurately measures the company’s safety improvements, while identifying areas of concern for corrective action.  Our global correction action program identifies problems and presents solutions within 30 days. We are particularly proud of this program as it sets us apart from many companies our size, where it can take up to six months to integrate changes into their systems. In fact, ATG’s incident rate is well below the U.S. benchmarks for our industry. Several notable organizations have recognized ATG for its safety performance, programs and procedures.  

We also help our customers with safety initiatives, particularly the safe use of tools. If you have a tool safety committee for your organization or would like to form one, please contact us for more details. Our well-trained sales professionals can assist you in addressing any hand or power tool safety concern you may have.


Apex Tool Group supplies professional hand and power tool brands to the entire industrial sector. With a reputation dating back more than 100 years, the most demanding industrial facilities trust us to deliver tools and equipment for preventive machine maintenance, production and parts assembly at manufacturing plants around the globe. Our multi-national customers improve performance and reduce variability by standardizing their processes and tool use with ATG products.

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Apex Tool Group (ATG) is one of the largest manufacturers of professional hand and power tools in the world, serving the industrial, vehicle service and assembly, aerospace, electronics, construction and serious DIY markets.

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